Krakow Private Jewish Tours

Kazimierz Private Tour - Highlights of Jewish Heritage

Discover the atmosphere and the spirit of Jewish life in Krakow. Before WWII the Jewish community of Krakow was 25% of the total population in Krakow. Jews helped create the unique identity of this city. Come see some of the most significant sites related to Jewish culture and life. You will visit the seven synagogues, former prayer houses, two cemeteries, the former Grand Mikveh, old Jewish Market and much more.

On Shabbat and all Jewish holidays synagogues and cemeteries are closed for visitors

3 hours

Follow with us:
  • Szeroka Street
  • Old Synagogue
  • Remuh Synagogue
  • Remuh Cemetery -numerous precious and beautiful tombstones are still there.
  • Popper Synagogue
  • Former Grand Mikveh
  • Helena Rubinstein House - the birth place of the famous "beauty queen", founder of the Helena Rubinstein Inc.
  • New Jewish cemetery
  • Mordechai Gebitrig house-famous Jewish poet, songwriter and troubadour
  • Kupa Synagogue
  • Isaac's Synagogue
  • Tempel Synagogue
  • High Synagogue
  • Old Jewish Market and former ritual slaughterhouse
  • Jozefa Street - the most picturesque street with a vintage stores, art galleries and cafes
  • Jewish Community Centre (JCC) - founded in 2008 thanks to Prince Charles of Wales, is Krakow's most vibrant Jewish institutions