Krakow Private Jewish Tours

2 in 1 Day - Krakow Old Town and Kazimierz Jewish Quarter Private Tour

Travel & Leisure magazine ranked Krakow in 2015 third in the top ten of Europe's most attractive cities. The idea of this tour is to present two different faces of Krakow - European Metropolis, two historically most significant parts of the city: Old Town and Kazimierz Jewish Quarter. This combined tour provides a good general city introduction with an extensive explanation of past and present.

In the Old Town walking in the footsteps of Polish kings, one can experience the best of architecture embracing a period of thousand years of Polish history. The charm of medieval streets and spiritual ambiance of many churches. We will not miss the oldest Polish Jagiellonian University where Copernicus, John Paul II, and many famous Poles had studied.

After coffee/lunch break the tour continues to the most authentic Jewish District in Europe - Kazimierz. Seven synagogues, numerous prayer houses, and shtiebels, oldest Jewish cemeteries with tombs of sages and eminent rabbis are only some of the highlights of the area. Helena Rubinstein House, Schindler's List sites and JCC will make your tour complete.

6,5 hours

On the way we visit:
  • The Royal Route - historical ceremonial path of the Polish kings
  • Medieval Main Market Square - the centre of municipality is medieval Europe's largest market places
  • St. Mary's Basilica - the city's main church
  • Renaissance Cloth Hall (Sukiennice) - one of the principal symbols of the city, Krakow's oldest commercial centre
  • Town Hall Tower
  • Jagiellonian University - the oldest in Poland, second oldest in Eastern Europe (outdoor)
  • Wawel Hill - the seat of Polish monarchs and bishops. Holy Mountain of Poland. Its Cathedral is Poland's coronation church (outdoor)
  • Szeroka Street with the famous Remuh (Rema) Synagogue and Old Cemetery
  • Helena Rubinstein House - the birthplace of the famous "beauty queen", founder of the Helena Rubinstein Inc. (outdoor)
  • New Jewish Cemetery
  • Facades of Kazimierz synagogues
  • Mordechai Gebitrig house - famous Jewish poet, songwriter, and troubadour (outdoor)
  • Old Jewish Market and former ritual slaughterhouse
  • Jozefa Street with vintage stores, art galleries, and cafes
  • Jewish Community Centre (JCC) - founded in 2008 thanks to Prince Charles of Wales, is Krakow's most vibrant Jewish institution
On Shabbat and all Jewish holidays, synagogues and cemeteries are closed for visitors.

Duration time approx 6,5 hours

Admission to synagogues: 10PLN per person each synagogue