Krakow Private Jewish Tours

KL Plaszow Camp Private Tour

The German Nazi labour and concentration camp Plaszow was created by the Germans in October 1942 in Kraków on the site of two former Jewish cemeteries. It was operated for over two years.
First, the camp was intended for the Jews from liquidated Krakow's ghetto but over time Jews from other ghettos nearby were sent there. In July 1943 a labour re-educational camp for Poles was set up. The camp also detained the inhabitants of Krakow and the victims of the pacification of local villages.

The camp was first designed as 15 ha ( 37 acres) labour one for 4,000-5,000 inmates. Over the first few years, it grew to 80 ha (197 acres) and it is estimated that over the period of operation of the camp, more than 35,000 people were imprisoned there, and the number of victims murdered in the camp was about 6,000. The camp was located close to the railway station, industrial plants, and quarries. In Kl Plaszow were about 200 facilities on its territory: production barracks, workshops, farm buildings, prison, and houses occupied by the staff.
August 1944 was the beginning of its gradual liquidation. Prisoners were deported to different camps in Germany and camp infrastructure was destroyed or removed.

3 hours

  • Jerozolimska Street (location of the gate, telephone exchange, Kommandantur, SS barracks)
  • The "Grey House"
  • Assembly Square
  • Former Jewish Cemetery
  • Location of Polish and Jewish barracks
  • Location of the camp hospital
  • Site of the mass executions with the memorial
  • Location of the industrial section
  • "Górka" execution site