For over 800 years Krakow (Kroke in Yiddish) had one of the most vibrant Jewish communities in Poland. World War II put end to this history. However, since the end of Communism, Krakow has been experiencing a Jewish renaissance. Krakow’s Jewish community is being rebuilt, a student can get a Bachelor’s degree in Jewish studies at Jagiellonian University, the largest Jewish Culture Festival in Europe takes place in Krakow every summer, and locals and tourists can visit the seven remaining synagogues in Kazimierz (the Jewish District). The Jewish community has members who are Holocaust Survivors and also young Pols who are discovering their Jewish roots and want to explore it.

Let us show you what Jewish life in Krakow once was, what is happening now, and what the future will be. We invite you to learn about the 800 years of Jewish history and discover what the Jewish community was before, during, and after the war.